Jody Russell

Capturing time…

We love to preserve memories of our families with photographs. Some of us make scrapbooks, photo albums and memory books. Some of us post all our photos to Facebook. Some of us print out photos and keep them in shoeboxes. And others of us just keep images on our computers and look at them from time to time.

Photographs capture a snippet of time, a moment, a look, a smile. They keep us from relying on our memories to recollect an event. We can flip through the photos and be brought back in time. They become a way to remember and smile. They preserve our past.

Let me help you capture those images. I can turn a day, a family gathering or an event into a lifelong image. I can help you share those memories with friends and family who can’t join you at the events.


We’ve all got cameras — we have them on our cell phones, we have them in our pockets, and we have bigger, heavier, fancier equipment hanging from our necks.

Those images of our children document how they grow, how they looked, how they smiled at us when they were small. You’ve heard it said — and it’s true — things go fast. Just when you thought they’d never crawl, they’re crawling. And walking. And running. Maybe you were documenting your child’s first words. And suddenly, you’re documenting how many teeth they’ve lost. This is the beauty of parenthood!  So keep snapping your photos, but don’t forget to bring them over for some fun and beautiful studio shots. You won’t regret them, particularly because we’ll keep it natural, capturing who your little ones are, not who the photographer wants them to be (think NO Anne Geddes).


Whether you want a family portrait, senior photos, or candids of any sort — I’ll be there — at my studio or your home or any place in between. Let me know your needs and we’ll make it work.

Out of the box…

The element of fun is always a part of our shoots. If you’re awkward in front of the camera, need some funky music to make you relax or want me to tell lousy jokes….it’s all part of the fun.

Random Accomplishments

– 8 years as a First Day Photo photographer

– 4 years shooting Vikings sidelines

– occasional MN Lynx photog

– 4 years shooting D3 football around the Twin Cities

– 2 years as photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

– member of Nikon Professional Service

– columnist Eden Prairie News (now defunct)

– 2 novels under my belt (but don’t ask)

– avid scuba diver

– knitter of small baby hats and sweaters

– and I fancy myself a decent owl spotter in the woods

What You Can Expect

– A comfortable setting

– Toys, props and fun

– Engaging photographer who might tell a few dumb jokes

– Private area to change clothes or freshen up

– Spare diapers (you never know)

– Fast turn-around on images

– Going home smiling